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Survive A DUI

How to get through getting a DUI - both mentally, and legally.

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A Chance for DUI Discussion - The Survive A DUI forum

Hey everyone

Hope you're doing well. Life has been busy for me, but I had an idea, and wanted to expand on the site. So far most of the talking has been from me to you. Sometimes we've had guests posts, and I always try to answer your emails that you send.

But what about you?

Your experience is important. Your fears, your circumstances, all of it is important. So I wanted to make it easier for you to share and connect with others.

The Survive A DUI forum

A place for you and people like you to talk and communicated what happened to you, how you feel, and hear from others who are going through it, or have already been there.

Feel free to post. Hopefully we can all help each other.

A Makeover for 2021...

Hey everyone!

Took some time this week to pop open the hood of the site and do some much-needed work on the site. A new look, cleaned up some typos, made everything look the same… Should work a LOT better on mobile now. Did a little learning of how this all works - if anything is not quite working, just let me know.

Also - if you were just in love with the old site, don't worry, I kept an old version here: Survive A DUI: Classic.

Hope everyone is staying safe and out of trouble!