Survive A DUI

How to get through getting a DUI - both mentally, and legally.

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This blog is here because one night I made a mistake.

I drank, and I drove. I was arrested, and I was punished.

It was a mistake that I regret. I'm ashamed, and I'm doing my best to move forward.

After my arrest I felt despondent, depressed, upset, and angry. I tried to find somebody to turn to, but couldn't - I didn't want to broadcast to this the whole world, and have everyone looking down on me with their judgemental eyes. I tried to find a place where I could share my feelings, where I could find other people who had been through the process, where I could just find somebody to tell me that it's ok, that I'll get through this, that I'll

I couldn't find anything. I mostly found people grandstanding about how awful anybody who drank so much as a drop and drove were, and people treating it like it was no big deal. I couldn't find anybody addressing the situation realistically. The internet is known for its hyperbole, but this was getting ridiculous.

On top of that, when trying to find anybody who could tell me what
any part of the legal process, I mostly found lawyers exaggerating claims in hopes of getting scared clients, people going off of decades old information, hearsay, and people just plain ol' making things up and talking out their ass.

So I decided to make this.

I certainly don't condone what I (or possibly you) did, and I certainly am trying to repay my debt to society, but I don't feel that I deserve to be treated like a complete monster for a lapse in judgement. I am human. I make mistakes, and I learn from them. Dear God, have I learned from this. I am growing.

I'm not here to tell anyone what to do, or to judge them. Besides, the difference between most DUI offenders and those preaching against them is the offender has been caught, while the grandstander has been lucky enough to get away.

I'm here to look at things realistically - present all the information I can, about the law, about the process, about what it means to be a person going through this ordeal. Do the punishments fit the crime? How does the interlock device work? Is this going to ruin my life?

I'm here to answer all the questions I had when I got mine. I hope that I can help somebody not feel completely worthless, like I did.

You, too, can Survive a DUI.

- Tom Collins

PS: I would like to re-emphasize that
I am not a lawyer. However in this context, it's a good thing - I'm trying my hardest to give you up-to-date information about the legal process and its punishment, I am not trying to solicit your business. No tactics, no getting your contact information to put you on lists, just giving you the information so that you can make your decisions. I do not work for any attorneys, nor do I endorse any.