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How to get through getting a DUI - both mentally, and legally.

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Survive A DUI is a one-man operation. I've tried to relay my story and the most accurate information possible about the legal process of a DUI. I try to reach out to others, hoping that I can prevent others from getting a DUI themselves, and that those who do get them don't feel like their world is over, or that they're any sort of a lesser person. Survive a DUI is, and always will be, a free service. There will never be any sort of "insiders club" where more or better info is shared or anything like that. Survive A DUI provides information without the spin of a lawyer trying to get you as their client, or scare tactics, or anything else.

It takes time, and money to provide this. I will never charge for Survive A DUI, I will never charge for advice given over emails, or anything like that. That's not what the goal is here.

If you want to help contribute to the site, share your story, or anything like that, please contact me here, and let me know. Your story can help others.

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